Working With Cut and Sew Contract Manufacturers

Cut And Sew Contract Manufacturers

There are many different types of contract manufacturers that produce for industries and work with all sorts of materials depending on the manufacturing services they provide. Fieldtex is recognized nationwide as a domestic contract-sewing provider working with many different OEMs and case designers to aid in bringing an idea from prototype and sampling stages all the way to mass production.

A contract sewer is, at its most basic level, a factory or manufacturer that sews your product for you based on your specifications, giving you time to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Working with a contract sewer aids in expediting and ensuring consistent quality and production (read more about how to Choose a Contract Manufacturing Partner here!). Generally speaking, contract sewers can work with you to develop and generate a precise layout for your idea, or work from a pattern or measurements that you provide.

The sewing pattern is used as a blueprint for the future products to come. A majority of large-scale contract sewers are also cut and sew contractors. “Cut and sew” is a term that simply means that your garment or item has been cut and created from raw fabric rather than purchased and customized.

If you are prototyping your product with the aid of a contract sewer, they are a cut and sew contractor. This is beneficial in the originality of your project, and allows you to have complete control over all aspects rather than working from a pre-made garment that you didn’t have control over during its creation.

A product coming out of a cut-and-sew manufacturer is often higher quality and allows for specified and sometimes exclusive material selections, as the product is made from scratch with a pattern or spec sheet rather than using a recycled item.

Working from scratch also makes it easier for your manufacturer to advise you if they think that there is a way to improve the product or material choice. Communication is key while working with a cut and sew manufacturer. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients and get their input every step of the process.

As a cut and sew contractor, we believe that this is the most efficient way to help an idea come to full realization: cut and sew contractors give you complete control and customization to all aspects of your product. Equipped with our design and prototyping department and pattern-making abilities, our cut and sew services give you the freedom to work with us through the entire process of your product from prototyping to mass-production.

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