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Soft-Sided Carrying Case Manufacturing

Fieldtex is an industry-leading contract manufacturing firm with a proven track record of crafting high-quality custom carrying cases and soft backpacks. With over five decades of manufacturing expertise, we understand the importance of tailoring your products to your exact specifications.


125 Skilled Seamstresses and State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our team includes over 125 highly skilled sewing machine operators, and we employ the latest in cutting-edge sewing equipment. These capabilities have made us the trusted custom carrying case manufacturer of choice for Fortune 500 companies across various industries.

A Reputation Built on Reliability

Our dedication to quality and commitment to delivering on time and within budget have solidified our reputation as a reliable vendor. When you choose Fieldtex, you can trust that your custom carrying cases will be in your hands when you need them.

Whether you require 100 units or 10,000 units, we have the production capacity to meet your carrying case needs. Our flexibility and scalability ensure that your project, regardless of its size, will receive the same level of attention and precision.

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ISO Certification

ISO Quality Standards

Fieldtex is committed to excellence, with quality built into each item.
We operate under the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard for management systems, the internationally recognized guidelines to guarantee against manufacturing and material defect. In selecting Fieldtex as your commercial sewing contractor, you are choosing a manufacturer you can count on for quality products and services.


We provide the following aspects of the custom manufacturing process:

Carrying Case Styles

Our prototype team will work with you to develop the right style case for your project.

Material Selections

A wide variety of materials to choose from including canvas, Cordura, nylon, polyester, and more.

Custom Graphics

Case graphics can be screen-printed, embroidered, or applied by heat transfer.


We provide an assortment of hardware for cases such as buckles, retainers, zippers, and snap-hooks.

Strapping and Belting

We offer different styles of straps, belts, handles, etc. to add to your case.

Military Grade Sewing

We carry all mil-spec materials, webbing, and hardware. We can meet most mil-spec standards.

Since 1972, We've been dedicated to refining our processes, ensuring the production of top-tier carrying cases. Our commitment to quality has earned Iso certification and the ability to produce Berry compliant and Mil spec grade products for the U.S. military, we not only meet but exceed the rigorous expectations of our customers. When you choose Fieldtex as your custom carrying case manufacturer, you can anticipate uncompromising quality in every intricate detail.

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