6 Years Ago Fieldtex Featured as Democrat and Chronicle Small Business Spotlight

Fieldtex Cutting Table

It’s been almost 6 years since our little Sewing factory, Fieldtex, was picked to be featured by the Democrat and Chronicle as their small business Spotlight one Sunday in October 2017. This remarkable recognition underscores our dedication to excellence and the impact we’ve had on both the local community and the sewing industry.

For 50 years we have been sewing the threads of innovative manufacturing companies nationwide and this spotlight allowed us to share our Journey with the whole community. It’s was an honor to be recognized and highlight the work that goes into every stitch and every seam of the products we make every day at Fieldtex.

Our Journey as a small business started when Sandy Abbey purchased a 6-person tent manufacturing business in the early 70s, With a vision of being his own boss and building a business in his hometown. Today that vision has lead to the creation of a business with over 220 employees and customer list of military contractors medical device manufacturers and Healthcare companies.

Since the writing of this article 6 years ago, the company has continued to expand, moving into a larger building hiring an additional 30 employees creating new lines of business and investing in additional equipment.

Did you miss it back in 2017? You can read the article here.