What is Cordura?


While working with a client to bring a project from prototype to production – be it a carrying case, a medical holster, a medical pouch, or even a medical vest – sourcing fabrics is an essential step in ensuring that your product will perform to its potential. We take pride in offering only fabrics that we trust in our cut and sew contract manufacturing facilities. Some of our most used textiles are Cordura fabrics, and there’s a good reason for that.

“Cordura” is the brand name of a fabric collection that is known for its durability and damage resistance. Generally crafted from nylon (occasionally with other natural fiber elements), it is as versatile as it is durable, and there is a wide assortment of constructions and weights available depending on the collection of fabrics. The weight and tenacity of a Cordura fabric is measured in deniers, which is a unit of textile measurement that measures the linear mass density of fibers. The higher the denier is, the thicker the thread used to create the fabric is. Therefore, Cordura with a higher denier is stronger and more durable. At Fieldtex, we regularly stock both 1000D Cordura, as well as 1050D Cordura Ballistic in multiple colors.

The 1000D Cordura is the industry-leading choice for a variety of heavy-duty applications such as outdoor gear, military gear, medical duffel bags, tactical backpacks, and a variety of custom cases and covers. This heavy-duty fabric is a bestseller specifically designed for maximum durability and long-lasting performance. We offer numerous colors – including some camouflage patterns – making it easy to find a color ideal for your project.

The 1050D Cordura Ballistic is a tough, synthetic fabric. The 2×2 basket weave of the Ballistic nylon makes this fabric the top choice for rugged applications where durability and tear/abrasion resistance are a high priority. This fabric is a popular choice in manufacturing soft-sided cases, protective vests, holsters and medical pouches, medical carrying cases, and a wide variety of custom applications.

Cordura is often used by the military, so much so that they have developed specific constructions exclusively for military utilization. These mil-spec tactical fabrics are designed to be even more durable than standard Cordura, providing not only durability during high levels of demand, but also protection from the elements. Some of their mil-spec fabrics even include moisture management. Mil-spec Cordura is available upon request, but may require minimum production lots.

Cordura is the ideal protective fabric where durability is a priority.

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