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Fabric & Materials

As a contract manufacturing company, navigating the intricacies of material sourcing is inherent to our operations. While we maintain an extensive inventory of 100s of Fabrics, Webs and hardwares, each project's uniqueness often calls for specific materials beyond our stock. Leveraging a diverse network of vendors, ranging from established industry giants to small niche mills, we ensure the procurement of specialty fabrics and hardware for any project.

Accessing the right fabric quickly is a distinctive advantage born out of our industry-wide connections. Our approach to material selection prioritizes understanding the intended use and function, enabling us to pinpoint the perfect fabric for each application.


cloth rolls

We source many different types of industrial fabrics in a variety of colors. Some of our popular fabrics include cordura, nylon, herculite, polyester, ballistic and vinyl.


colored straps

We have a variety of webbing styles, sizes and colors. Current styles are: polypropylene, nylon and mil-spec.



We use YKK zippers, and coil is our style of choice for durability purposes. We have 3 sizes and color options available by request.



Velcro brand is our fastener of choice. We offer commercial and AA55126 compliant hook and loop fasteners in a range of colors and sizes.

Foam Padding

table saw cutting foam padding

We offer a variety of foams to choose from and three types of custom foam padding. Padded foam walls, custom foam inserts and pick-n-pluck foam.

Rigid Inserts


We can accomodate rigid inserts to add stiffness and protection to your case. We stock boards of different materials and thicknesses including hardboard and plastic.

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