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Foam Insert Cases

Our Custom Foam Insert Cases keep your supplies safe and organized. Whether it's medical tools, electronics, or anything else fragile, these cases are designed to hold them perfectly. The foam inside keeps everything snug and protected, while the tough outer case shields against bumps and weather. You can trust Fieldtex Cases to manufacture your case for the ultimate protection of your valuable gear.

yellow plastic case with foam inserts for instruments and tools

What Foam Insert Cases Have Been Used For:

tan plastic case with modled foam insert for tools

Electronics Transportation

Securely transport delicate electronic components with precision-fit foam inserts.

black blow molded case with foam sheets

Medical Equipment

Protection for sensitive medical instruments during transit or field use.

yellow plastic case with foam inserts for tools with clasps and a handle

Precision Instruments

Custom cases for the safe transport of precision measuring tools and scientific instruments.


In their effort to upgrade their emergency response capabilities, a law enforcement agency has sought the expertise of Fieldtex for a custom solution to their needs for equipment storage and quick access. The agency ordered a series of blow-molded cases, intended for housing an advanced active shooter response kit. These cases are required to be durable and resistant to impacts, ensuring the protection of the sensitive gear stored inside. Additionally, they're to have a custom-designed, foam-filled interior that not only secures each piece of equipment in its designated spot but also organizes them in a way that makes each tool quickly identifiable and accessible. The design specifications call for the compartments to be protective, yet intuitively arranged and labeled.


Tailored Design: Customized briefcases that reflect the unique brand identity and preferences of professionals.
High-Quality Materials: Crafted with top-tier materials for a durable and sophisticated appearance.
Optimized Organization: Precision-designed compartments to enhance organization and accessibility.
Branding Opportunities: Custom branding options to reinforce the professional image and identity of individuals or organizations.
Versatility: Designed for various industries, including corporate, legal, and executive settings.

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