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Heavy Duty Sewing

Sewing Solutions for Heavy Duty Applications

With over 125 machines and the staff to support them, we are an experienced sewing contractor when it comes to heavy duty applications, who regularly meet the requirements of industrial, medical, and military customers. Our facility includes several computer programmable sewing machines, which allow for a high level of automation and efficiency for price and quality control.

With our factories capabilities, our clients have access to a full range of equipment that produce every kind of sewing stitch out there. Some of our machinery includes heavy-duty equipment for cargo straps and leather applications, light-duty equipment for medical fabrics and spandex, and everything in-between.

Types of Sewing Machines in our facility

We have invested in some of the highest rated industrial sewing machines from Juki, Brother, Mitsubishi and consew. All four are known for their durability and reliability. These machines are the backbone of our manufacturing process, they allow us to produce the high-quality carrying case our customers require.

These machines are higher horsepower than the home sewing machines most people are used to. Some sporting as high as 1.5 hp.

What are the heaviest materials we handle

The machinery in our facility is designed to power through some of the heavy fabrics on the market including Canvas, Cordura, ballistic nylon, Vinyl-coated polysters, ripstop nylon and Tarp. These materials are needed in carrying cases that transport equipment into the field.

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