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Pick and Pluck Foam Inserts

blow molded carrying case pluck foam detail

We understand the importance of keeping your valuable instruments and equipment safe and secure during transport. That's why we carry stock pick and pluck foam insert sets for each of our blow molded carrying cases. Whether you purchase them along with the case or separately, our foam inserts are the ideal solution for protecting your gear. These inserts are crafted from high-quality foam padding materials, offering superb shock absorption and cushioning.

For higher end requirements we can also develop Custom cut foam inserts, please provide your instrument specs so we can quote you.

Pick and Pluck Foam for Versatility

For those looking for a flexible solution, our foam inserts also feature a Pick & Pluck foam option. This innovative design allows you to create a custom-fit insert by easily removing foam cubes to accommodate the shape and size of your equipment. The maximum usable Pick & Pluck area per foam insert is 10"x14", giving you ample room to customize the padding according to your needs.