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Stock Product Line EMS Bags

EMS Bags

Fieldtex offers a variety of pre-assembled EMS or intubation bags. Proper care must be taken into consideration when dealing with unexpected injuries, and in order to be successful the correct supplies must be used. EMS bags are available in many different styles and sizes with different contents based on your needs from fanny packs and backpacks to larger bag kits.

EMS items are of EMS regulation quality and can be trusted in case of an emergency. Being unprepared for a situation requiring EMS equipment can lead to devastating results.

We offer many specific EMS and BLS bags that would prove useful in an emergency. We have EMS bags for trauma, pediatric bags, oxygen bags and burn bags to prepare you for the emergency that may come your way.

Emergency preparedness is vital to survival of a crisis. Fieldtex pre-assembled EMS kits are created to assist in the survival of victims in emergency situations.