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Hard Sided Cases

Alternatively to our custom soft cases we offer hard sided protective cases to fit your requirements!

At Fieldtex Cases, we're dedicated to safeguarding your equipment and devices, whether you're in the field or storing expensive equipment. That's why, alongside our custom soft cases services, we offer a lineup of stock hard-sided protective cases as well. These durable cases are designed to be a cheap and effective storage solution, offering protection and convenience for your sensetive equipment, making them the ideal choice for both travel and protective storage.

Our Product Line Includes:

Protective Blow-Molded Cases:
Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions, these storage cases provide superior protection against impacts, water, and environmental factors. They are an ideal option for safeguarding sensitive equipment during use in the field.
First Aid Boxes:
When it comes to finding a storage box for small parts and supplies, our first aid boxes offer a light weight durability. Simple white boxes with snap closures are something you can find dozens of uses for.
Metal Storage Cabinets:
For secure storage and organization of tools, documents, or valuable items, our metal cabinets are built to last. They provide a robust, tamper-resistant solution for your storage needs.