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Private Label and Branding

At Fieldtex, we refine ordinary carrying cases into extraordinary brand ambassadors through our private labeling services. When you choose private label carrying cases from us, you're not just buying protection for your products; you're creating a powerful extension of your brand identity. Our in-house printing department is your creative playground, offering multiple ways to integrate your brand with the portable billboard that is your carrying case.

Private labeling isn't just about putting your logo on a case; it's about curating an entire experience. You dictate the sizes, shapes, styles, and materials, transforming each carrying case into a marketing touch point of your brand.

FTX GEAR Made in the USA
Green Medication Screenprint
Orange Medical Bag with straps

Picture your selling medical diagnostic equipment adorned with a carrying case featuring your brand name or logo. To consumers, it's not just a case; it's a symbol of reliability and quality. Our private label carrying cases deliver beyond aesthetics; they become functional extensions of your commitment to excellence.

What We Offer:

  • Private Labeling:Stamp your identity. We can seamlessly integrate your company's logos onto your soft-sided cases for a professional touch.
  • Identification Labels:Navigate with ease. Design custom labels for the contents within your case, making organization a breeze.
  • Informational Graphics:More than just a logo. Elevate your cases with addresses, websites, phone numbers, part numbers, cage codes, or instructional messages.

    Graphics and labels can be applied using the following methods:

    • Screen-printing
    • Heat-transfer
    • Embroidery
    • Hot paper transfer
    • Peel and stick labels
    • Rubber patches
    Motor Monkey

    Collaborate with Our Experts:

    Our professionals are not just printers; they're collaborators. We'll guide you through the design and engineering process, helping you choose the branding application that best suits your project. Ready to make your products stand out? Contact us via email or call at 1-800-778-7485 for more information and kickstart your custom branding journey.

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