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Fabric Cutting Capabilities

Automatic Fabric Cutting Services

Whether you're ramping up production or working with specialized materials, our automated cutting solutions offer unmatched precision and efficiency. Here at Fieldtex Cases, we're proud to offer this innovative capability, reflecting our commitment to delivering top-notch craftsmanship and operational excellence in every project.

Multi Ply Automated Fabric Cutting

We have two Automated cutting systems, one from Gerber and one from Eastman Cutting. Both of these machines are CNC style cutters that have the ability to cut single layers of material or stacks of fabric up to 2 inches thick. The machines offer different capabilities, with one utilizing a Straight knife and the other utilizing a Round knife. Utilizing both straight knives and round knives give us the opportunity to cut a variety of shapes and materials in more than one way.

Die Cutting

In addition to our CNC style cutters, we also have a Die press for cutting fabric shapes. A die press allows us to make precision cuts of fabric in shapes that a traditional knife could never cut. And they allow us to produce those large quantities of those pieces efficiently with a high level of accuracy and consistent quality. Die presses can cut most types of fabrics you will find in a bag, but we find them most helpful for cutting shapes out of thick clear vinyls usually used to create windows for ID holders or holsters.

Benefits of Using Automatic Fabric Cutting

  • Save Time: Using an automatic fabric cutting service helps you cut a lot of fabric quickly. What used to be a tedious process done by hand can now be completed using technology.
  • Reduce Waste: The whole process uses a computer to make precision cuts while also placing cuts in a way that minimizes waste.
  • Reduce Costs: The ability to make the same cut through multiple layers and the efficiency of using CNC technology add up to big savings for you.

Who Needs Automatic Fabric Cutting

Because of the range of materials automatic fabric cutting is used for, various industries benefit from its use. The kinds of materials we cut include:

This huge range of materials allows many industries to take advantage of automatic fabric cutting. From medical fields and the military to apparel and automotive, automatic fabric cutting is helping to make supplies faster and with reduced waste. Anyone who needs fabric cut in a repetitive pattern benefits from this incredible technology. Don't miss the opportunity to create a great product and save money.