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Custom Strap Manufacturing

At Fieldtex Products we've been designing and manufacturing custom webbing strapping assemblies since the 1970s. We specialize in manufacturing straps and belts for a wide range of applications, from harnesses and shoulder straps to cargo netting and military backpack straps. Our commitment to quality is at the core of everything we do. We offer three different standard types of webbing - Nylon, Polypro, and Polyester - each with its unique features and benefits.

Green Polypro webbing with metal hooks
Brown Nylon webbing with plastic clips
Orange Polyester strapping being in a sewing machine
Our Polypro webbing is a popular option for industrial applications that is lightweight, flexible, and comes in multiple colors ideal for customization and branding. This webbing is a cost-effective choice for creating custom bags and backpacks that truly represent your brand.
Nylon webbing is an excellent choice for outdoor applications that require a durable and strong solution. Resistant to UV light and chemicals, this webbing provides extra strength and stability where it's needed the most.
Polyester is a common choice for webbing in the outdoor industry because it is strong, does not stretch, is UV-stable, and does not absorb water.

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Metal hardware and accessories for webbing/strapping such as D-Rings, O-Rings, Tri-Rings, Side Release buckles, stationary Snap Hooks and swiveling Snap Hooks

Whether you're looking for a custom strap solution for a specialized application or need off-the-shelf options for more general use, we can manufacture the right product for you. We have webbings that can hold up to 600 lbs. making them ideal for industrial cargo straps or netting. Heavy duty netting can be crafted using our straps for containment, barriers, and cargo lifting nets.

Fieldtex Cargo Nets used in Antarctica on Fuel Bladders

An experienced design and engineering team

Our cargo nets have been used in some of the harshest environments in the world such as Antarctica, (pictured left) and our nets can be custom scaled and shaped. We have access to a variety of metal and plastic hardware to meet any requirement your straps need. Metal hardware is available in nickel plated and black coatings on stainless steel or cadmium. We have plastic (acetal or nylon) D-Rings, O-Rings, Tri-Rings, Side Release buckles, stationary Snap Hooks and swiveling Snap Hooks.

two designers working on a prototype with differing materials

We are creating and using webbing every day.
Some examples of web straps we are producing daily are:

Shoulder Straps

Nylon and Polyester webbing are commonly used to create comfortable and durable shoulder straps for backpacks, duffel bags, and other types of bags. The webbing material offers strength and stability while distributing the weight of the bag evenly across the shoulders.


Polypro webbing is often used to create handles for bags and backpacks. The lightweight material offers flexibility while providing a comfortable grip for the user.

Binding Tape

Polypro webbing is also commonly used as binding tape to create a clean and professional look on the edges of bags and backpacks. This adds an extra layer of durability to the product.

At Fieldtex we take immense pride in designing and sewing all our products in the USA. We are a privately-owned business based in Rochester, NY and, for over 40 years, we've been serving clients across the country with our uncompromising quality, craftsmanship, and customer service.

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