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Odd Shaped Cases

At Fieldtex Cases, we're experts in manufacturing Custom Odd Shaped Cases, perfect for stuff that doesn't fit in regular boxes. Think musical instruments, special gear, or one-of-a-kind collectibles. We can customize cases to fit anything, no matter how odd. We use top-notch materials and smart designs to make sure each case fits its contents perfectly, keeping them safe and looking good. Whether you need custom foam inserts, extra-strong corners, or different closures, we've got you covered. Trust Fieldtex Products to create a one-of-a-kind case that keeps your stuff safe and shows off its uniqueness.

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How Fieldtex Cases Are Used:

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Manufacturing Equipment

Secure transport for uniquely shaped machinery and tools.

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Specialized Electronics

Protection for irregularly shaped electronic devices and components.

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Scientific Instruments

Custom cases for delicate and oddly shaped instruments used in research and laboratories.


Fieldtex Products has established a niche in creating carrying cases for items with unique shapes, often described by clients as too odd or irregular for standard cases. An example presented by clients involves items with asymmetrical profiles, such as one side being flat while the other mimics the contour of a ski slope. These descriptions underscore the variety of the solutions we can accomodate. The process of designing carrying cases for such odd-shaped items begins with a thorough consultation to understand the specific dimensions, weight, and protection requirements of the item. Fieldtex employs a combination of advanced design software and skilled craftsmanship to translate these challenging shapes into practical, protective carrying solutions.


Customized Fit: Precision crafting to create a case that perfectly accommodates the unique shape and dimensions of specialized equipment.
Secure Protection: Robust construction to safeguard unconventional items from impact, dust, and environmental factors.
Versatile Applications: Tailored for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, electronics, medical, and more.
Ergonomic Design: Consideration for ease of carrying and transport, maintaining functionality even with irregular shapes.
Customization Options: Adapt the case to meet specific requirements, ensuring compatibility with diverse and unconventional items.

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