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Soft Sided Cases

Whether it's electronics, medical gear, or fragile items needing gentle handling, our Soft Sided Cases have you covered. Customizable in size, padding thickness, and internal organization, each case is manufactured to fit and protect your gear. Constructed from durable yet lightweight materials, our cases offer easy transport without compromising on security. With Fieldtex Cases' expertise in custom case design your soft-sided case is not just protective and functional, but also custom-made to meet your needs.

Duffel Bags

How Fieldtex Cases Are Used:

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Electronics Protection

Safely transport delicate electronic devices and components with secure and flexible storage.

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Diagnostic Equipment

Convenient and accessible storage for medical diagnostic devices during on-site visits.

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Field Tools

Secure transportation of field tools and equipment for professionals in outdoor environments.


The development of various types of ammo bags with powerful magnets rose from a collaboration between Fieldtex Products and a security professional tasked with safeguarding nuclear power plants. Recognizing the need for secure, easily accessible storage solutions for ammunition in high-security environments, we worked closely with the security professional to create innovative bags that met stringent requirements. These ammo bags feature powerful magnets integrated into their design, allowing them to securely attach to metal surfaces such as vehicles, weapon racks, or even the structural components of nuclear power plants. This unique feature ensures that the bags remain firmly in place, even in dynamic or high-stress situations.


Flexible Construction: Soft yet durable materials to provide a lightweight and flexible solution for transporting sensitive equipment.
Custom Foam Inserts: Precision-designed foam inserts for secure and organized storage of delicate items.
Quick Accessibility: Strategic design for easy and swift access to essential equipment in various professional settings.
Portability: Lightweight and ergonomic design for comfortable carrying, allowing ease of movement for professionals on the go.
Customization Options: Tailor the soft-sided case to meet specific requirements, including branding and additional features.

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