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Courier Style Bags

We can manufacture Custom Courier Style Bags, designed for durability and practicality. Our bags offer customizable options to fit anything you need. From adjustable straps to weather-resistant materials, we ensure your essentials are secure and easily accessible.

green backpack with reflective yellow strip and zipper pockets

How Fieldtex Courier Style Bags Are Used:

red courier bag with black handles and zipper pockets

Sensitive Equipment

Courier-style bags are suitable for transporting sensitive medical equipment, such as diagnostic devices or fragile medical instruments, ensuring their safe delivery.

green courier bag with zippers, handles, and reflective strip

Sports Essentials

Versatile accessories for sports enthusiasts, offering a practical and stylish solution for carrying essential gear.

red courier bag with metal strap fastener and logo

Medical Evacuation Kits

In military medical units, courier-style bags can be used to transport medical evacuation kits containing essential supplies for treating wounded soldiers.


For a client seeking courier-style bags, Fieldtex Products designed a versatile and durable solution tailored to their specific needs. These courier-style bags were customized to meet the needs of modern urban living, providing ample storage space while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance. We incorporated several key features into the design of these bags to ensure both functionality and style. The bags were equipped with multiple compartments and pockets, offering convenient storage for laptops and other essentials. The main compartment was spacious enough to accommodate larger items, while smaller pockets and organizers allowed for easy access to smaller accessories.


Professional Aesthetics: Courier-style bags exude a professional and timeless appearance, making them suitable for business meetings and corporate settings.
Secure Closure: Featuring secure closures, such as buckles or quick-release clips, ensuring the safety of documents and devices during transit.
Organized Interior: Thoughtful compartmentalization and pockets provide designated spaces for laptops, tablets, documents, and accessories.
Durability in Design: Crafted from high-quality materials with reinforced stitching, ensuring longevity and resilience in daily professional use.
Comfortable Carry: Ergonomic shoulder straps and handles prioritize comfort, allowing for extended wear during commutes or travel. Courier bags are typically larger and offer more space, highlighting their effectiveness for transporting packages and bigger items. On the other hand, messenger bags feature a more streamlined and compact design, specifically designed to meet the requirements of individuals carrying personal belongings, and in modern scenarios, laptops or tablets.

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