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Custom Mesh Bags

Custom Mesh Bags, expertly manufactured for visibility and breathability. Perfect for sports, laundry, or equipment storage, these mesh bags can be customized in size, color, and closure type to fit your requirements. The durable mesh material ensures longevity while keeping contents ventilated and easily identifiable. Fieldtex Cases manufacturing expertise allows for a mesh bag that is not only practical for a variety of uses but also specifically designed to your exact needs.

red sports mesh bag with zipper and black handles

Uses for Fieldtex Custom Mesh Bags:

yellow bike bag with mesh pocket and elastic straps and zipper

Outdoor Activities

Mesh bags are ideal for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, providing a breathable and visible storage solution for sports equipment.

orange mesh bag with pockets and black handles with reflective straps

Medical and First Aid Kits

Medical professionals utilize mesh bags for organizing and transporting first aid supplies, ensuring quick access in emergency situations.

blue mesh bag with reflective straps and pockets

Rope & Cord Management

Our rope and cord management bag features a small top opening, allowing easy access while keeping the rope or cord neatly coiled inside.


When a fire department recognized the necessity for a solution to air out their firefighters' gear, including boots, helmets, coats, and pants, they approached Fieldtex Products for a specialized solution. The requirement was clear: to design and manufacture mesh bags that were not only large enough to accommodate the bulky gear, but also equipped with heavy-duty straps capable of handling significant weight. Fieldtex Products, leveraging our extensive expertise in custom textile manufacturing, accepted the challenge with a commitment to quality and functionality. Our design team proposed a durable, high-quality mesh fabric that allowed for optimal airflow, ensuring that the turnout gear would dry effectively and remain free from moisture and mold buildup, which are critical for gear maintenance.


Breathable Design: Mesh construction allows for ventilation, making these bags suitable for items that may need air circulation or drying.
Visibility of Contents: The transparent nature of mesh provides visibility, allowing users to easily identify the contents without the need to open the bag.
Durable Mesh Materials: Fieldtex's mesh bags are crafted from durable materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
Lightweight and Portable: Mesh bags maintain a lightweight profile, making them easy to carry and suitable for a wide range of applications.
Customizable Sizes: Fieldtex offers customization options for different sizes, accommodating various items and equipment.

Want Personalized Bags? Custom capabilities have never been easier and the possibilities are endless! Contact Us
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