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Durable Duffel Bags

Fieldtex has been manufacturing custom duffel bags since the 1970s. Our duffels are great for sports, travel, or storing gear, and we can customize them to fit your needs. You can choose the number of compartments, the size, and even reinforced straps for extra strength. Our bags are tough, always made from quality materials, so they last a lifetime. Trust Fieldtex for durable duffel bags that are perfect for any activity.

olympic blue duffel bag

How Fieldtex Duffel Bags Are Used:

duffel bag with oxygen tank

Emergency Response Kits

Ideal for first responders who need to carry emergency supplies quickly and efficiently.

orange duffel bag with pockets

Sports Gear Storage

Perfect for athletes or sports enthusiasts to transport their gear to games and practice sessions.

customized blue duffel bag

Travel Essentials

Excellent for travelers who require a sturdy and spacious bag for their journeys.


Sports teams have approached Fieldtex for a solution to transport their equipment in the past. They were provided with the bags that they needed that was not only large enough to hold all their gear but also sturdy enough to handle regular travel and usage. Fieldtex developed a custom duffle bag, incorporating durable materials and ergonomic design. The bag featured separate compartments for different types of gear, making organization and access during games and practice sessions much more straightforward. The Fieldtex Duffle Bag became a game-changer for the team, offering a blend of spaciousness, durability, and ease of transport that was exactly suited to their needs.


Ample Storage Capacity: Duffle bags provide generous space, accommodating different sizes and types of equipment securely.
Easy Accessibility: Wide openings and durable zippers ensure quick and hassle-free access to the stored items.
Durability in Design: Fieldtex's duffle bags are constructed with robust materials, featuring reinforced seams to withstand rigorous use.
Customizable Compartments: Tailored interior layouts allow for organized storage, preventing equipment damage during transit.
Portability: Ergonomic handles and optional shoulder straps make transportation comfortable and convenient.

Want Personalized Bags? Custom capabilities have never been easier and the possibilities are endless! Contact Us
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