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Gear Bags

Custom Gear Bags that fit the needs of both pros and hobbyists. These bags are practical and made to hold all kinds of gear. Pick the size, material, and layout to match what you need, whether you're a firefighter, a soccer player, or a hiker. These bags are tough, built to handle rough use. They've got lots of compartments, strong handles, and adjustable straps for easy carrying. Plus, they come in weather-resistant materials to keep your gear safe outdoors. At Fieldtex Cases, we get how important it is to have a gear bag that's tough and useful. That's why we make bags that don't just store your gear but also keep up with your adventures.

blue gear bag with handles and shoulder strap, zipper pouches, and reflective strip

How Fieldtex Cases Are Used:

black gear bag with pockets and grip straps

Military Operations

Tactical vests are essential for military personnel, providing a customizable platform for carrying ammunition, communication devices, and mission-specific tools.

blue EMS bag with logo and reflective strips and zipper pockets

Emergency Responders

Emergency responders rely on gear bags to transport essential equipment such as medical supplies, communication devices, and safety gear.

green gear bah with shoulder strap and handles with zipper pockets and reflective strips


Construction professionals and building inspectors use gear bags to carry inspection tools, safety equipment, and documentation to job sites.


Fieldtex demonstrated expertise in creating customized solutions for law enforcement needs by designing and manufacturing large, multi-compartment bags tailored for the storage requirements of police cruisers. These bags were developed to address the challenge of organizing and transporting essential police gear. Understanding the diverse and critical nature of the equipment carried by police officers, Fieldtex focused on durability, accessibility, and organization in the design of these bags. Each bag featured several compartments and pockets, allowing for neat segregation of gear based on size, frequency of use, or emergency priority.


Spacious and Versatile: Gear bags offer ample interior space and versatile compartments to accommodate different types and sizes of equipment.
Durable Construction: Crafted from robust materials, these bags are built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring longevity and resilience.
Organized Accessibility: Thoughtful design includes multiple pockets and dividers for efficient organization, allowing quick access to specific tools.
Easy Transportation: Ergonomic handles, adjustable shoulder straps, and sometimes wheels facilitate comfortable and convenient transportation of heavy gear.
Customizable Options: Fieldtex provides customization options, allowing clients to tailor gear bags to their specific needs, including branding and additional features.

Want Personalized Bags? Custom capabilities have never been easier and the possibilities are endless! Contact Us
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