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Instrument Holsters

Custom Instrument Holsters is one of our top product categories. Companies frequently rely on us to manufacture secure and easily accessible holsters for their specialized military or medical equipment. We manufacture each holster to fit every instrument precisely, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Made from high-quality durable materials, our holsters are built to last, providing a reliable solution for field equipment needs since the 1970s.

large instrument holster

Industries Holsters Are Used In:

fabric bike rack for cars

Field Service Technicians

Technicians on the field, such as HVAC specialists,Use instrument holsters for carrying tool and sensors for repairs and maintenance.

 diagnostic device holster

Medical Professionals

Medical technicians work with a number of portable instruments diagnostic equipement to Portable EKGs

bullet cartridge holder


Power drills stud finders and lazer levels are just a few of the instruments on a job site that usually have a form fitting holster.


Fieldtex was contracted by a handheld diagnostic devices manufacturer to produce a custom shoulder holster for their units. The holster was designed to fit the unit like a glove and still allow the technician the ability to operate the buttons on the unit through a clear plastic window. They sent us a sample of their unit and the items that needed to be stored in the case with it for us to design the pouch around. We designed and manufactured hundreds of holsters that fit the instrument that also included a pocket to hold power cords and an adapter. 


Streamlined Efficiency: Instrument holsters are designed to keep essential tools and instruments within easy reach, streamlining tasks and enhancing productivity, especially for professionals in healthcare, technical fields, and various trades.
Enhanced Protection: By securely holding tools in padded or specially designed compartments, instrument holsters protect delicate instruments from damage, loss, and the elements, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.
Adjustable Fit: Many instrument holsters come with adjustable straps or belts, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit for users of different sizes, improving mobility and convenience during use.
Quick Access: Positioned for immediate accessibility, these holsters provide quick and easy access to instruments without the need to rummage through bags or pockets, crucial for time-sensitive situations.
Professional Organization: Instrument holsters promote a professional appearance by keeping tools organized and at the ready, reflecting expertise and preparedness in any setting, from clinical to fieldwork environments.

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