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Lid Organizers

Custom Lid Organizers are designed to upgrade any case or container. Whether for medical kits, toolboxes, or travel cases, our organizers can be manufactured with different pocket sizes, elastic straps, and compartments. They optimize space and make it simple to find what you need, keeping everything organized and secure.

Lid organizer with 2 pockets and velcro tabs in red and blue

Examples of How Fieldtex Lid Organizers Have Been Used:

Lid organizer with velcro and logo

Medical Equipment Cases

Lid organizers are essential for medical professionals, allowing organized storage of diagnostic tools, medications, and accessories.

vinyl grey lid organizer with pockets, velcro loops, and tabs

Tool Cases for Technicians

Technicians benefit from lid organizers to keep tools, small parts, and accessories in order for efficient use during fieldwork.

black lid organizer with plastic clear pockets

Electronics Cases

Professionals with delicate equipment use lid organizers to ensure organized and protective storage within cases.


For a client seeking innovative storage solutions for their plastic carrying cases, specifically tailored for the unique dimensions and shapes of HVAC equipment tools, Fieldtex Products devised a customized solution. The challenge was to maximize the utility of the existing carrying case without compromising on ease of access or the safety of the stored tools. We designed a lid organizer designed to seamlessly fit into the interior side of the carrying case's lid. This lid organizer was made to enhance storage capacity and organization. The elastic loops provided the flexibility needed to accommodate tools of varying diameters and lengths, ensuring they were snugly held in place and easily retrievable. Meanwhile, the small pockets offered additional storage for smaller items.


Optimized Storage: Lid organizers utilize the often-underutilized space on the inner side of equipment cases, maximizing storage capacity.
Efficient Accessibility: Multiple compartments, pockets, and elastic loops enable efficient organization and quick access to tools, accessories, and small items.
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, lid organizers are built to withstand the rigors of transportation and use in various environments.
Customizable Configurations: Fieldtex provides customization options, allowing users to tailor the layout of the organizer to meet specific equipment and tool storage needs.
Protective Padding: Some lid organizers feature padded sections to safeguard delicate equipment from scratches and damage during transport.

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