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Nylon Bags

Many Industrial clients often opt for Custom Nylon Bags due to the fabric's strength and durability. Approximately 75% of the bags we create are manufactured from nylon. We frequently manufacture in nylon due to its robustness and shape retention. These bags offer various functionalities, including adjustable straps and multiple pocket configurations, allowing us to cater to those who require reliability in their storage solutions.

purple pediatric case nylon bag with pockets

Industries that Use Nylon Bags:

 orange ems duffel bag with zipper pockets

Outdoor Recreation

Nylon bags are popular among hikers, campers, and adventurers due to their durability, water resistance, and suitability for outdoor conditions.

 blue buckle ems duffel bag with velcro pockets

Technical Professionals

Engineers, technicians, and field professionals use nylon bags to carry tools and equipment securely, benefiting from the material's strength and reliability.

red ems backpack with zipper pockets and handles on side and top

Electronics Storage

Nylon bags serve as protective cases for electronic devices, such as laptops and cameras, providing a lightweight yet resilient solution for tech enthusiasts.


With Nylon being the primary fabric Fieldtex uses to produce bags it's hard to choose one specific project from our past where we manufactured nylon bags for a customer. Most of the bags that we produce for the EMS industry have been made out of nylon. We stock 5-10 different colors for the manufacturing of first responder trauma bags. 

Every EMT and Ambulance corp likes to use different colored bags to differentiate bags holding different types of medical supplies and equipment.  The EMS industry finds Nylon to be the best fit for its industry because the material is light but durable so their bags are easy to transport but last for a long time. 


Ample Storage Capacity: Duffle bags provide generous space, accommodating different sizes and types of equipment securely.
Easy Accessibility: Wide openings and durable zippers ensure quick and hassle-free access to the stored items.
Durability in Design: Fieldtex's duffle bags are constructed with robust materials, featuring reinforced seams to withstand rigorous use.
Customizable Compartments: Tailored interior layouts allow for organized storage, preventing equipment damage during transit.
Portability: Ergonomic handles and optional shoulder straps make transportation comfortable and convenient.

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