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Plate Carriers

People often come to us with their designs for vests used by military, law enforcement, and emergency responders. These vests are built to be tough and keep people safe in dangerous situations. We're serious about making sure every vest is top-notch, so we put them through strict checks before they're used in the field. As a manufacturing partner, we start from scratch to create vests that meet our clients' needs. You get to pick from lots of different military-grade fabrics and designs. We can add things like adjustable straps, extra-strong stitching, and special webbing systems called MOLLE. Besides the regular pockets for holding plates, we can add more pockets, holsters, and loops to make the vests work for different jobs and missions. Whether you're after a quote for a military deal or you're making a whole new line of body armor for your own plates, we've got you covered. With 50 years of sewing experience, we know how to make plate carriers that get the job done right.

black molle tactical vest with belt loops and velcro plate holder

How Fieldtex Cases Are Used:

camo molle tactical vest with belt loops and velcro plate holder

Military Operations

Body armor is standard issue for many types of military personnel, They have different styles and ballistic protection levels.

blue vest with reflective strips

Versatile Backpack Plate Carrier

This innovative backpack unzips to transform into a front and back over-the-shoulder plate carrier, providing essential protection in emergencies. Ideal for professionals who need quick access to body armor while maintaining the convenience of a backpack.

blue vest with reflective strips

Emergency Response and Security

Less often Emergency responders and security personnel rely on body armor and plate carriers but the need in this market has been increasing over the last 5-10 years due to unfortunate incidents.


In the past, Fieldtex has been contracted to produce a line of plate carriers designed for municipal law enforcement personnel. The challenge of designing and manufacturing these carriers was not only to meet stringent safety and performance requirements but also to ensure they were low profile and concealable under the uniform. After several rounds of prototyping and field testing, the customer had a finished product that struck a perfect balance between protection, comfort, and functionality. Our facility boasts industrial sewing machines powerful enough to handle the heavy-duty materials plate carriers are made from, along with decades of experience in manufacturing to tackle projects like this one.


Enhanced Personal Safety: Plate carriers and other types of body armor are a crucial layer of protection for professionals in high danger situations.
Versatility and Adaptability: Based on modern manufacturing techniques there are many ways to create unique vest that are different than anything else on the market.
Scalability: With over 125 sewing machine operators in our facility we have the ability to tackle cantracts large and small whether you need 100 plate carriers or 100K we have the ability to handle contracts of all sizes
Berry Compliance: Looking to quote a large military contract Fieldtex is already producing berry compliant bags for the military and has all of the knowledge and and suppliers to produce berry compliant vests
Strategic Weight Distribution: Evenly distributes the weight of equipment, preventing fatigue and allowing users to operate effectively for extended periods.

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