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Refrigerated Bags

Whether you're transporting medical supplies, delivering food, or handling other temperature-sensitive materials, these bags are designed to meet your unique needs. Made from top-quality thermal materials, they ensure precise temperature control while remaining lightweight and durable. Plus, features like waterproof linings, adjustable straps, and easy-to-clean surfaces can be customized to suit your preferences.

red refrigerator bag with reflective strip and compartments with handles

How Fieldtex Cases Are Used:

blue refrigerator bag with logo and silver inside lining

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive medications during transport.

silver lined black refrigerator bag

Medical Transport

Ensure the safe transportation of blood samples, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive medical supplies.

 red refrigerator bag

Biotechnology Samples

Safely transport temperature-sensitive samples for research and biotechnological applications.


Fieldtex developed refrigerated drug bags designed specifically for EMTs to carry refrigerated drugs in the field. Recognizing the critical need for certain medications, such as insulin and some forms of antibiotics to be maintained at specific temperatures to preserve their efficacy, we embarked on a mission to create a portable, reliable cooling solution for first responders. To accommodate different types and sizes of medications, we designed the bags with versatility in mind. The interior features modular compartments that can be adjusted or removed to fit various drug containers, vials, or pre-filled syringes. This ensures that the bags can be customized for specific medical protocols, enhancing the efficiency and speed at which emergency care can be provided.


Temperature Maintenance: Insulated compartments to preserve the desired temperature for medical, pharmaceutical, or food items.
Durable Insulation: High-quality insulation materials to ensure effective temperature control in varying environments.
Versatile Design: Suitable for transporting vaccines, medications, perishable goods, or any items requiring refrigeration.
Portability and Convenience: Ergonomic design for easy carrying and swift deployment in medical, pharmaceutical, or catering scenarios.
Customization Options: Tailor the refrigerated bag to meet specific requirements, ensuring compatibility with diverse products.

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