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Small Military Pouches

Custom Small Military Pouches, designed to be tough and practical for military, law enforcement, or outdoor use. You can customize them in size, material, and how you attach them. They're made with strong materials and tough stitching, so they can handle rough conditions out in the field. You can choose different features like MOLLE compatibility, water-resistant coatings, and secure closures for added protection and convenience.

Duffel Bags

How Fieldtex Cases Are Used:

Ammunition Storage

Compact pouches for the secure storage of small-caliber ammunition.

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Medical Supplies

Secure transport for delicate and uniquely shaped first aid supplies and tools.

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Scientific Instruments

Pouches customized to protect and carry small communication devices and accessories.


At Fieldtex Cases we are known for our adaptability and expertise in creating custom textile solutions. We worked with an ammunition manufacturer to develop small MOLLE pouches specifically designed for carrying magazines for military rifles. Manufacturing these custom pouches our ability to meet specialized, tactical needs with precision and reliability. Understanding the critical nature of quick magazine access in combat situations, Fieldtex manufactured a custom pouch that not only securely holds the magazines but also ensures they can be accessed easily. The development process involved close collaboration with the ammunition manufacturer to discuss the exact dimensions, weight, and material specifications for the magazines, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection. Using durable, materials capable of withstanding harsh environments, abrasion, and the rigors of combat operations we were able to deliver high quality and custom fit pouches.


Compact and Lightweight: Small-sized design for easy integration into military gear without adding unnecessary weight.
Durable Materials: Robust construction using high-quality materials to withstand rugged military environments.
Versatile Applications: Strategic design for rapid access to critical tools and equipment during missions.
Modular Attachment Options: Compatibility with MOLLE systems for versatile attachment to tactical gear.
Customization for Specialized Gear: Tailor the pouch to accommodate specific military tools and equipment requirements.

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