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Zipper Pouches

At Fieldtex Cases we offer Custom Zipper Pouches customized to fit your organizational and protective needs. With various sizes, materials, and designs, these pouches are versatile and adaptable. Manufactured using robust zippers and high-quality fabrics, they can serve various purposes, from storing medical supplies to organizing military gear. Each zipper pouch from Fieldtex Cases is both practical and durable, offering a reliable solution to keep your items secure and accessible.

small black medical zipper pouch

How Fieldtex Cases Are Used:

 colorful clear fabric and plastic zipper pouches

Medical Professionals

Ideal for medical professionals to organize and carry small medical tools, syringes, or personal protective equipment.

blue zipper puch and fanny pack with reflective strip and clear label holder

Field Technicians

Technicians utilize zipper pouches to organize and carry small tools, screws, and electronic components for efficient on-site repairs.

 small military and medical camo pouch

Travel and Personal Organization

Travelers and individuals on the go use zipper pouches to organize toiletries, electronics, and other personal items within their larger bags.


Understanding the critical role that safety plays in enjoying outdoor activities, a distributor of 4-wheelers and ATVs identified a unique way to boost customer satisfaction and build loyalty. They partnered with Fieldtex to craft small, zippered pouches designed to function as first aid kits. To further personalize these kits, each pouch was emblazoned with the dealership's logo, transforming them into powerful marketing tools that enhanced brand recognition and fostered trust among customers. Fieldtex Products, renowned for our proficiency in producing top-notch textile goods, rose to the occasion. The team at Fieldtex crafted these pouches to be sturdy, convenient to carry, and perfectly suited for the tough terrains frequented by ATVs and 4-wheelers.


Compact and Portable: Zipper pouches are designed to be compact, making them easy to carry and store without adding bulk.
Secure Enclosure: Durable zipper closures ensure the safety and protection of the contents, preventing accidental spills or damage.
Visibility and Organization: Transparent or translucent options allow users to easily identify the contents, promoting efficient organization.
Customizable Sizes: Fieldtex offers a range of sizes to accommodate different items, ensuring a tailored fit for various tools and accessories.
Multipurpose Use: Zipper pouches are adaptable to diverse applications, serving as organizational tools for tools, accessories, and personal items.

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